GarconjonIMG_3735s.jpg~originalGarconjonIMG_3402s.jpg~originalWhat is quickly becoming my favourite street fashion site – – did a little street  fashion shoot for the launch of a new website called man of kind. This is the result.

So I loved it all, and was hoping to recreate one of these looks for you guys by trying to find these items online as I always do. But rather than decide myself, I opened it up to my Facebook fans to decide on there favourite look, like this.

GarconjonIMG_3461s.jpg~originalThe winner, was number 2, only just beating number 3 by 2 votes. Why? Well, I guess it’s the bravest of the lot. I’m suspecting green as a big upcoming trend, I remember seeing a lot of it in NY earlier this year and wanting to buy into it. Mostly I think it’s that effortless dapper edge that number 2 brings, and small details like not wearing a belt gives this look a contemporary feel I think.

If you’re looking to recreate, this or part of this look, you can get similar stuff online here

Get similar green blazer here

Get similar tartan shirt here

Get similar lapel flower here

Get similar navy tie here

Get similar grey trousers here

Get similar suede loafers here

Okay. Stay fancy

2 thoughts on “Sartorial ‘sunday’ in green, blue and grey

  1. This is an awesome shoot! I didn’t know to vote, but 2 is definitely me favorite as well. However, 3 is not that far off with the tortoise shell shades, DB Blazer, Plaid Trousers and Monkstraps. Solid!

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