Loading-bay-signI had been seeing / hearing a lot of talk about the loading bay lately, mostly Instagrams of peoples lunch and stuff, but I hadn’t been there yet and it seemed to be a bit of a Cape Town Institution. Misha and I also suffer from serious FOMO so we headed over a couple of weeks ago for Sunday lunch.

But it’s not just a lunchtime spot as I quickly found out, and as the sign clearly states – Cafe, Comfort Food, Apparel – we encountered a lot of surprises during our visit. Thats why I decided to do this post.

The actual space is incredible, split into 3 levels with the cafe at the bottom, a menswear store in the middle and a cosmetics store upstairs. The menswear naturally caught my eye with it’s rugged vintage workwear style selection, stocking everything from ACNE Studios to the hillside and some great Levis Vintage stuff. Take a look.

Upstairs, they have an Aesop store, which just looks amazing, Aesop is an Australian based cosmetics line, its all quite fancy. I’m not big on cosmetics, I should be, cause I’m not getting any younger, and maybe when I do this will be my first stop, the stuff just looks so amazing I want it all over my house.

Aesops-upstairsWall-of-AesopAesopsMostly though, we were there for some lunch, and you’ll be able to tell from the lack of food pics that it was eaten before I even thought to document it ( I’m terrible at reviews). Either way, I had a steak sandwich and Misha tucked into some poached eggs on toast, both of which were delicious. They also make an amazing cup of coffee and have a good selection of craft beer and wine, which has become pretty standard in Cape Town now days.

It definitely seems like the cool spot to be, from the customers to the staff everyone has hipster written all over them, lucky for me, thats exactly where I feel happiest.

So that’s it. A little afternoon out with lots of surprises.

You can find these guys at 30 Hudson Street, De Waterkant, Cape Town or you can call the cafe on +27 (0)21 425 6321, or the Apparel store on +27 (0)21 425 6320. According to there webpage they’re open 8am – 5pm from Monday to Friday, 8am – 4pm on Saturdays and 9am to 2pm on Sundays. 

Misha-outside-loading-bayI dont really do reviews, but like I said, this place was too good not to share, I’de love your feedback on this post if you guys have any.

Okay. Stay fancy.


4 thoughts on “Lunch and Shopping at Loading Bay

  1. Great to read someone has wrote about this place !! Just to add that the owner , JP and Nicole were not mentioned … I think a lot of dedication and talent make it that awesome 🙂

    1. And awesome it is, thanks for letting us know about JP & Nicole, hopefully they’re as happy with the post. I hadn’t actually spoken to them about it, I just happened to be visiting and really liked what I saw, so I snapped some shots and wrote the story

      1. I think they are 😉 their FB page had your story on it …thanks for your reply 🙂
        ps. am now a subscriber to your blog – eagerly awaiting your next story !

      2. Oh wow, awesome!

        Well, I’m busy researching and writing it as we speak, may only finish tomorrow but happy to know you’re subscribing!

        Hope you keep enjoying what you see, if not, let me know!

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