Denim-JacketThe denim jacket was originally just that, a jacket made of denim and used as workwear dating back to the 1870’s that had arrived hard on the heels of the first denim jeans – seemed an obious next step I guess.

It wasnt however till 1905 that Levis Straus & Co introduced the denim jacket as we know it now, or ‘lot 506’ as it was known back then. Well, I guess as we know it now is a bit of a stretch, it was a riveted denim jacket with front pleats (that could be unstitched to allow for the addition of extra layers) that featured 1 breast pocket and buckle-back that made it appear fitted.

The jacket went through many different forms and many imitations till 1962 when the Levi’s introduced the 557XX with its two flapped pockets, v shaped seams running down the front and adjustable button sides. It was named ‘the trucker’ by its fans, namely long distance haulage drivers who adopted it, taking the look away from cowboys and in to the easy rider counterculture.

The jacket has still undergone and I’m sure will continue to undergoe many changes and adjustments but I think it will always remain a classic must have piece. The one featured above is one of my favourite current pieces and is the slim fitting trucker. I love the versatility of both the weight of the jacket (making it perfect for change of season weather) and the style where it never feels out of place worn with a tee or a tie.

If you don’t already own one, and you really should, here are some priced from good value to highway robbery.

In order of price from top to bottom:

Get Levis denim jacket (as featured above) here Yeah, I tend to go for value

Get G Star denim jacket here

Get Dolce & Gabbana denim jacket here

Okay. Stay fancy.

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