92013crosslegs9276webSo finally a Sartorial Sunday on an actual Sunday and with a photograph from the man that started it all The Sartorialist.

This outfit immediately stood out for me as having “nailed it”. Classic colours like blues and browns make it all come together so nicely. I’m torn about that jacket, it looks black, though I’m hoping it’s a dark brown ( Thats what I would of done here). It’s also giving a little tip of the hat to the current bold print trend, nice!

That’s how I like to do ‘trends’, no need to go all in and wear a bold print suit and tie, if you want to buy into a trend cause you kinda like it, rather get one versatile item and wear that a few times, if you find yourself getting more wear out of it then you had planned, get something else. Simple

Here’s a little online outfit created with the inspiration from this dapper young man!

Get similar blazer here

Get similar blue bold print shirt here

Get similar brown and blue polka detail tie here

Get similar tobacco chinos here

Get similar oxford shoes here

Okay. Stay Fancy.



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