Sometimes the biggest details are the simplest things. In this amazing capture by Dapper Lou we have this perfectly dressed gent in a classic 2 button navy suit with navy tie and it just looks incredible. After all, if you only own one suit, I would forego the black and go straight for the navy.

Sure he has tiny details like the Ghanaian flag lapel pin and pants short enough to show off those double monk strap boots, but it’s his overall look that is just great with those retro glasses, killer lamb chop sideburns and this “I dont give a fuck” attitude.


Nothing more to say, it just simply works, simply.

If you wanna put this look together here’s a few places to start.

Get similar navy suit here

Get similar blue shirt here

Get similar navy tie here (this one with a little more texture)

Get similar pocket square here (this one with a little more detail on the edging)

Get similar shoes here

Okay. Stay fancy

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