I never managed to get to this yesterday, sorry, but I have found this epic Sartorial Sunday look off (possibly my favourite street fashion) Garcon Jon’s Blog which does feel like the perfect mix of Sunday smart.

I’ve never really thought to wear a suit this way, but then again, I don’t wear many suits, I don’t even own many suits. Now that I see this kind of versatility it makes me feel like I NEED a new suit, and I think a one button is the way to go. Something about it all just works, like you could wear this down to the shops and not be to dressy!

Oh and remember what I said about a gentleman and a wooden handled umbrella?Nailed it!

If you agree and think you would like to give this look a go, Ive got some starting points here for you.TS3M_GE04_SOPRANO_09-LIGHT GREY_1

Get similar grey one button suit here

Get similar (couln’t find blue at my usual searching spots) varsity sweatshirt here

Get similar socks (though a little more fun) here

Get some incredible brogues to pull it all together here

Okay. Stay Fancy.

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