So when I first started this blog, I got a tie tailored from a company in Brooklyn called SKINNYFATTIES…Its very clever Skinny – Fat – ties. Basically Joshua was taking your old fat ties and making them cool again by tailoring them slim, in order to supplement his income. You can read the full story on my old blogpost here.

Since then, it’s really gone crazy, he has appeared in all kinds of magazines and TV shows, and the business just boomed! It’s kinda cool, as Joshua and I met via Instagram for the first time, which is where I found out about his awesome idea, then earlier this year we got to have a beer together in NYC for the first time and he is the most awesome dude!

So what’s he up to now? Well, he just streamlined the worlds first tie creation service, yeah, thats right, so you know those ‘build a bear workshops’ in all the malls…well SKINNYFATTIES is doing that for ties. Now meet Joshua and his first ‘POP’ collection.

Not sure what tie width you’re after, well here’s a little info graphic flowchart guide that Joshua has put together! I love this kinda thing, next level fancy yo!

Infographic_SF_v2So yes, it all comes down to your build and more importantly the size of your lapel. Why? Well, go check out this dressiquete post from a while back for the low down.

Now go build yourself a tie…a personal one!

Okay. Stay Fancy.

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