SummerSo a couple of weeks ago MR Price threw a little summer party for some friends.

I was lucky enough to be invited along and so thought I would share some amazing fashion I spotted on the day, as well as some radical moments. The place was crawling with well dressed gents (and ladies of course) but here were some of my favourites.

tribal-guytribal-CUI loved how this gent managed to nail tribal prints, bringing it home with some beed work, and keeping it dapper with some brogues!

Back-pack-FL Back-pack-MLLoved the effortless style of this Double breasted suit and hipster backpack!

triple-denim triple-denim-CUThis guy just completely nailing triple denim! It’s all about different washes people! This guy knows that! Was also a massive fan of his sunglasses, he just oozed cool the whole day.

cool-guy Mr-cool-shoesOne of the most dapper gents of the day, complete with his two tone brogues.

Outfit-1 Outfit-1-close-upI just loved how unique this whole outfit was with the matching shirt and shorts combo with leather sandals and all black panama hat.

Henry-Holland Henry-Holland-FeetI only managed a sneaky shot of Henry Holland, I’m kinda new at the whole “street fashion photography” thing which is also why I cant give you the names of anyone above. Sorry chaps.

The guys from Mr Price had some pop up stores laid out, showing off there new summer range bang on trend with lot’s of different prints!

MR-P-guys-2 MR-P-guys-CUThe whole event was in celebration of the new Henry Holland collection for Mr Price, where he designed dresses inspired by his two fiends, Kelly Osbourne and Pixy Geldhof (also there on the day), here take a look at the story.

After a little convo with Henry and Pixie up on stage, it was fun times for all. Like this.

Big thanks to Mr Price for a great day.

Okay. Stay Fancy.

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