Full-lengthOkay people, we’re in the 3rd week of our 4 week tie subscription give away with Friday Tieday and we have another outfit built round a tie.

This was a textured black tie, and really, if you’re only ever going to own 1 tie, it needs to be a black one, that will pretty much get you into anything that requires a tie, weddings, funerals, court.

So I decided to go a little old school on this look and keep it simple with black and white, it’s not my regular vibe as I tend to want to have some kind of colour pop or element of fun. Dressing black and white is super simple, everything goes with everything and it’s nearly impossible to get wrong.

I would make one suggestion though, and it’s not so much a suggestion as it is a commandment, no black shirts and white ties, it’s just tacky and you’re not an italian gangster.

Here are the details of the outfit.Medium-shot flower-pin-close-up Pocket-square tie-close-up shoesOk, so, winning ties subscriptions, just before Christmas! What what!??

Go grab yourself a tie subscription from Friday Tie Day valued at $39. All you need do is enter promo code FANCYFRIDAY and voila, if you’re one of the first 50, consider the tie of the month to be delivered to your door anywhere in the world.

If you miss this week, don’t worry, were giving away 50 ties a week over the next 2 weeks, so keep an eye out over my twitter as I announce the code there first and then my Facebook page the very next day. If you wanna learn more about the competition go here.

Good luck and of course, stay fancy.


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