origUnknownConsider this a proverbial tip of that hat to our sponsors at MasterCard for the final Want of the week for the year to thank them for sponsoring these last 8 posts.

Hats seem to be making a massive comeback and I see them popping up all over the place now days. I’m not sure I can do the big giant panama hat, I have too small a head so I prefer smaller classic hats like this trilby. It’s very Justin Timberlake circa 2000.

None the less, this classic trilby never really goes out of style does it? If it was good enough for rain trodden 1920’s american journalists, its good enough for us.

Now, a trilby is not a trilby is a trilby, for me, the trilby is in the details, thats why I like this guy so much, that ribbon around the side and the bow just make it a little more stand outish. It also comes in a slightly lighter grey as per below.


Love those feathers.

Ok, so if you like the dark grey hat, you can get it here, or the light grey hat over here. If you want it to land on your doorstep for a little less (though they are currently on sale for $39) all you need do is enter promo code MCSHOP at checkout when paying with any MasterCard. As part of the cross border promotion you’ll receive anything from free shipping to discounts all while knowing exactly what the landing costs will be with duties and all. This promo ends on the 31st Of December so go and get yourself something nice for Christmas while you still can.

Okay. Stay Fancy.

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