IMG_9288s.jpg~original IMG_9292s.jpg~originalI’m a massive fan of a little updated vintage look.

This guy is nailing it, It’s almost a little geek chic combined with retro vintage classic (I may have just made both those terms up right now) but it works incredibly well. This just goes to show what can be achieved with a little bit of tailoring, if you look at the outfit, it kinda feels like something you’de expect your grandfather to wear, paisley, checks, herringbone its all mixed in there, but it’s fitted and looks great. It’s a mass combination of textures and patterns that all fall together wonderfully.

The star of the show is that vintage waistcoat of course (though the spectacles come a close second) and that’s really what helps carry the rest of the look, it’s bold enough to tie all the other pieces together!

Good job sir, and good job once again in capturing this Mr Jonathan Daniel Price of Garcon Jon.

If you guys like this look, I’ve attempted to re create something similar below, happy shopping.

Get some similar spectacles here

Get a similar blazer here

Get a similar vintage patterned waistcoat here

Get a similar shirt here

Get a similar tie here

Get similar trousers here

I wasn’t sure that the satchel he had worked, so I like this old school satchel instead.

I also though the shoes needed a more retro edge, so thought these brogue boots were better.

Okay, stay fancy.


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