Full-length-frontFull-length-back Sure, todays not Friday, I get it and yes, I know this was last weeks outfit, but I’m playing catch up here people.

This was however one of my favourite ever Fancy Friday outfits, I loved how it was for the most part so simple and ordinary and how those bright pops of colour really just helped bring it all together.

The entire outfit is built around that tie, I was in the mood for something floral and so I built everything around the colours in the tie.

medium-shotWith the blues and blacks in the outfit being quite neutral the colour on the tie was accentuated with the green pocket square and cerise lapel flower. It was really that simple, and I think it worked really well.

That is the trick though, is trying to let your details stand out individually but work together as a whole, so that all the small things, down to the green tie clip help pull everything around it together.

Here are some close up details


Most of these items above are really old pieces from my wardrobe and not really available online anymore, I have however done my best at putting together a similar outfit if you wanna attempt this kind of look.

Blazer from H&M – Get similar here

Oxford shirt from the Gap

Tie from Topman – Get similar here

Lapel flower fron Chanman

Pocket square from ASOS – Get similar here

Tie clip from The Tie Bar

Chinos from Topman

Shoes from boutique in Barcelona – get similar here

Okay. Stay fancy.

2 thoughts on “Fancy Friday in pink and green

  1. drop the damn tie clip, the flower is hideous, get a proper pair of shoes and do me a favour, burn the blazer

    1. WOW Svante, you trolled all the way back to March 2014 to send me that comment! Thats pretty lame. To be fair, that wasn’t the best outfit now that I see it again, nor the best pictures…but t was 3 years ago so I’m gonna cut myself some slack!

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