Dress-watchIve always been a fan of the simple dress watch.

No bells and whistles, just a leather strap and a simple clear face. In fact as time has gone by, my watches have gotten simpler and simpler, dropping all the chronographs and date windows for something that, well, just tells the time really.

For ages I’ve been a massive fan of Uniformwares watches, and I guess I still am, but I recently picked up one of these Daniel Wellington watches and there is just something a little more dapper about them. The slim face, the slight detailing, It’s the perfect dress watch. Why? Well the slimmer the face the easier it is for it to slip under your dress shirt, it also fits the classic dress watch look, with its precious metal casing and leather strap.

watch-strap watch-rolled-up watch-backThe leather strap is what makes this guy feel more classic right? But wait, there’s a trick and it’s what made me love these guys. The straps are all interchangeable, but not only leather straps, lots of fun Nato straps too so you can dress it up or down and match it to your outfit.

These guys have just landed in South Africa (well, kinda, they’ve slowly been making there way into tiny boutique stores and markets) You can now get the full collection online at Kiph.

Happy shopping people!

Okay. Stay fancy.

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