Look Left, look right, then agree that black and brown are the most awesome colour combo.

It’s simple and classic though it very rarely see’s the light of day, till Fancy Friday that is.

Then, there are the 2 tone brogues, these guys are awesome, but incredibly difficult to wear, and if the rule is that your belt matches your shoes, well then, what colour do you match? What happens if like me, you have a belt that matches neither? I simply went for a black belt and let the blazer match the shoes, it still helps getting items in your outfit talking to one another.

Lets look at the details though.


The camo bow tie was to pick up on the contrast collar of the blazer, it’s also got some black in it so helps blend in with the outfit overall I think.

To be able to make this all work, together, I thought a simple white shirt with the slightest texture was best, it has a nice french cuff, so the silver on the watch and cufflink could all work together – matching metal with metal is key, and perhaps a dressiquette post I need to wright up one day



So If you like this look, below are some online choices to help get you started, the exact blazer and shoes were impossible to find.

Blazer from Topman – Get similar here

Shirt from TM Lewin

Bow tie by Heywood1922

Pocket square from H&M – Get similar here

Lapel flower by Chanman

Pants from Topman

Shoes from Zara – get “kinda” similar here

Okay. Stay Fancy.

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