We had such an overwhelming response to the Friday Tie Day giveaway I did recently on the blog that the gentlemen from Friday Tie Day have decided to offer my readers $20 off there first tie.

Yep. Seriously.

For those of you who don’t know what Friday Tie Day does, well, they’re like a book of the month club, except instead of a bunch of papers arriving on your doorstep every month, you can a beautiful tie. Every tie is different and everyone has a story behind it. Above is Chris, he was the March tie, a tie that just screams “lets go HUNTING” – though I’m not sure anyone screams that anymore, its very un PC. A rich navy blue with some fine duck detail on it, make it that awesome tie you wanna steal out of your granddads closet.


So, if you like Christ, or wanna check out any of the other ties go visit Friday Tie Day here and enjoy your $20 discount! It’s a pleasure!

Okay. Stay fancy.

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