13897900965_2b23b0112a_o 13897896935_1a7217035a_oIsnt it crazy that even the biggest fashion faux pas can be stylishly executed?

I’m not even sure how I stumbled on to Mr Boy’s tumblr site ( I think it was twitter or something) but I’ve been struggling to find something interesting for my Sartorial Sunday posts untill I found this. It’s so simple so classic, and with one minor detail it makes a massive statement.

Yes, I’m talking about the socks. We all know the rules is that your socks should match your pants, but even in my dressiquete post I said that once you know the rule, you can start finding how best to break it. It seems as though Karlmond up here has smashed it and nailed it at the same time.


I’ve always believed that fashion rules are made to be…well…bent, not broken as such. Somethings just dont work, somethings do. There are a lot of rules out there and if we all followed them to the letter we’de all end up looking the same. I cant even tell you what it is about the white socks that just works so well for me, but it’s definitely something I think I need to try.

I must say I really love the simplicity of this outfit. I get so caught up in colours and details I sometimes forget the amazing impact a simple black and white can make. If you wanna put a little something like this together yourself, I’ve got some budget friendly starting points down below – I did choose to go for a Navy parker rather than all black, I kinda feel like it needed a little something different.

Get similar round frame glasses here

Get similar navy parka here

Get similar white button down shirt here

Get similar black textured sweater here

Get similar black washed out chinos here

Get similar black satchel here.

Get similar white textured socks here

Get similar Black Double monks here

Okay. Stay Fancy.

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