Dressiquete – Your socks should match your pants

Weirdly enough, there is a lot of debate out there regarding wether your socks should match you shoes, or wether they should in fact match your pants. It would appear though that the general consensus is “your socks should match your pants” like in the example below.

You see, all that you’re really trying to do is create a seamless transition from your the hem of your pants to your shoe so as you walk and your pants sway, there isn’t an unsightly break in the color. So the thought of matching your socks to your shoes is generally the same, though it can start getting tricky when wearing grey pants and brown shoes, either way I believe this rule should only be followed on the most formal of formal occasions, like meeting the queen. Otherwise your outfit is as bland as this grey blur above.

Personally, I’m a huge fan of the bright colored sock. I think it takes something formal and makes it less serious and as with all rules in fashion if you break it with confidence it works.

Then there’s this guy, the “european sock” and for those of you who follow our Instagram feed will already know, I’m not shy to show a little skin around the ankles. I wish I had a better explanation as to why, but I don’t. It’s a european thing I guess, something I picked up somewhere ages ago and just loved, I believe it requires a good comfy hidden sock to work, but the fashionistas say go the whole hog. Meh, I’ll take the comfort route on this one.

Okay. Stay fancy.




  1. Boxedmenswear said:

    I often like to match my socks to whatever shirt or tie I’m wearing that day. Great post.

    • Yep, socks and sock styles go in and out of fashion constantly. Nothing wrong with making your own rules up for how you want to wear it. I saw a guy the other night wearing white socks, the biggest of all sock rule no no’s. but he was wearing it with purpose! And it made all the difference!

      • Boxedmenswear said:

        Haha…not quite sold on the white socks!

      • I hear you, and I don’t think I could do it, but this dude worked it. : )

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  3. Antonymous said:

    That’s cool, I always though socks would better match the shoe or a darker shoe color shade, because shoe colors vary less than the pant leg colors :), they are mostyl brown and black, in dressy outfits, while pants can vary from black, dark to light gray, blue, beige, so it’s trickier to have socks matching any of those!
    I agree though, that I saw people successfully matching their dress shirt with azure or even white socks.
    The key is matching the upper pattern and a not excessive contrast, for example white or azure shirts with grey or blue pants and white or azure socks.
    Suffice socks are not athletic, which would be wrong whatever the color, and white dress socks are never as flashy. Plus even if you match pants or shoes, you can have white pants or shoes, which are not forbidden, even by the “match pants or shoes” proponents.

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