I’ve been asked to take part in the #MissionSamsung blogger challenge over the next couple of weeks (hence the new badge on the right of the blog), we’ll be getting a who bunch of challenges using the new Samsung NX300.

This week is all about the shot of the day, starting with this guy under the theme of “A moment of bliss”

Day 1 – A moment of bliss

coffee This is mine, it happens every morning and my day is not complete without it! That first flat white and moment of calm before my day starts, is absolute bliss.

Day 2 – Speed Shot

jumping Yesterdays challenge was the “speed shot” and seeing as I’m all about fast fashion, I decided to do a little frozen fall, after all, whats faster than gravity? Not much I don’t think. Lot’s of jumping around the office studio with my trusty assistant Justin and using the rad little flash on the NX300.

Day 3 – Extreme Close Up

boot-close-upToday was about getting up close and personal. Something to show off the zoom lens of this little NX300. A little bit of mood lighting, a low aperture and my favourite Ted Baker Brogue boots just popped with detail.

Day 4 – Wide Angle

landscape Todays mission was showing off the wide angle of the lens, it’s an 18-55 lens so, it’s pretty impressive to see what you can get. I decided to go with the afternoon view outside my office, Cape Town’s sunset was playing along nicely, and the harbour is an incredible place to observe.

I’ll be uploading this post with a new shot each day, so sneak back when you can.

Okay. Stay fancy.


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