PortraitMeet The Landscape Hunter, or Thomas, as I know him.

Thomas is your ultimate man’s man. I mean, the guy can grow a beard from one day to the next, he carry’s a really sharp knife and generally only wears black. He also travels to the most remote parts of the world, sleeps in a tent and waits around in the middle of nowhere till the light is just right to take a photo. And it’s none of this digital photography crap you see here, it’s old school vibes, one man, one tripod, and a roll of film. Yeah. Like I said, man stuff.

Up until now, Thomas has been sharing his amazing photographic souvenirs exclusively on Instagram. But finally, after many years of traveling everywhere from Patagonia to Death Valley, he’s having an exhibition of some of his favourite landscapes at blok Living in Sea Point, Cape Town. I was lucky enough to attend the opening night and was really blown away with the body of work.

I decided I really wanted to share the work with you guys, but that maybe it was better that you see it for yourself, so instead, I’ve decided just to wet your appetite.

2-pics-portraitbooksme-backfloor-shotE-&-Wine“My wanderlust was fueled by the inspirational and fantastical landscape photography I’d seen in books and magazines growing up, and these images served as the driving force behind the creation of this collection. Through my travels I have been fortunate to experience many mysterious territories, with minimal planning, and with no companion other than my desire to explore. When cellphone towers disappear, and only the Sun as my guide, I am truly at peace.” – Thomas Ferreira


As usual, seeing it online really doesn’t do it justice. The mere scale of these 3 metre pictures can really only be appreciated in the flesh!

So,wether art is your thing or not, I highly suggest getting down to Blok Living in Sea Point to check out this exhibition. The exhibition is on till the 19th of November where Thomas will be throwing a closing party and allowing a bunch of local artists (including my favourite tattoo artist Manuela Gray) to re interpret his landscapes. If you don’t make the exhibition, definitely get down to the closing party, the artists involved will be working live and everything will be auctioned off at the end of the night.

If you want to contact The Landscape Hunter for a private viewing or walk through you can do it at A187@mac.com.

the-landscape-hunterBlokYOU-ARE-HEREHanging-on-the-streetBlok Living can be found at 51 Regent Rd, Sea Point, Cape Town, 8005, South Africa. You’ll know you are there, cause the building will tell you.

Okay Stay fancy.

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