medium-(square-light)When will you be born?

This was the question posed to me by adidas fragrances.

Surely I was already born wasn’t I? I mean, I’m writing this post.

Turns out what they wanted to find out, is when do I feel as though I have been born again. When is my creative rebirth? What is it that leaves me feeling as though I am a new person? As though I have been born original. This was the inspiration behind the new adidas born original fragrance duo, an explosive mix of contrasting notes. For her it’s a cocktail of bright citrus and exotic notes while for him it’s a juxtapositioning of oriental and amber citrus with spicy black pepper and orange oil. It doesn’t stop at the fragrance either, even the bottle is a mix of fluid organic shapes and rough industrial elements.

So when was I born? At first I thought it’s when I dress up. You know, when everything feels as though it fits perfectly and all the patterns and details are in place? But then I realised I dress up so often, that it no longer really counts, does it? There is however, one time when I dress up (and it’s not often, in fact it’s months apart) but when the occasion calls for it and I get to where a tux. Thats right folks, black tie.

fragrance-duotying-shoe-lacesputting-on-shoesshoesgrabbing-watchcufflinksPutting on a tuxedo together with all of its details is quite a process. But it’s in the process that I begin that feeling of being born original. 

I shine my shoes – something I’m embarrassed to say I never do. I lay all my details out and methodically start the process of putting them all on. By the time I throw that jacket on I already feel like a different person. I’m not sure what it is about black tie, maybe it’s the fact that we’ve all watched way too many 007 movies and that we feel the James Bond in us coming out. But at that point I’m ready to take on anything. The last few details are merely a formality, and truth be told, not really a necessity when it comes to black tie.
bow-tiepocket-squaredressed-chest-detailsgrabbing-fragrancesprayFull-length-(2)See in the true spirit of adidas born original, I like to bring a little creativity to my black tie and mix things up a little. Things like the coloured socks, the pocket square or the lapel flower are really not traditional black tie details, but I guess thats where Sergio Ines meets James Bond and I am truly born.
Okay. Stay fancy.



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