152 Series - Rose gold and Walnut - frontToday, is my 35th birthday.Yep.

And let’s be honest, birthdays are only as good as the presents you get. This one so far has been incredible, as I woke up this morning to the most incredible surprise of a new uniform wares watch.

It was right next to a stack of bacon and pancakes. I know right, luckiest guy ever.

I’ll let you enjoy the beauty of the watch though as the pancakes are long gone.

152 Series - Rose gold and Walnut

I I have been crazy about this brand since I discovered it about a year ago.

I dont like flashy. Well, not in a watch at least. The simplicity of these watches is just incredible to me.

The above watch is part of the 152 series which aims to reinterpret the classic wrist watch, it’s a swiss made time piece with italian cashmere calf leather, and I cant even begin to describe how it feels.

My first uniform wares watch was also a gift, only from my previous employer, I posted about it in an article entitled the spoils of war. Here it is below.

103 Series - grey rubberThis watch is part of the 103 series and is the entry level watch, though no less beautiful both in design and feel. It carries through the same simple design aesthetic that makes these watches timeless (Yes, I see the irony).

So as I slowly make my way to owning every series and eventually every watch, here’s whats next on my list…the 203 series, ultimate simplicity…just with a date.

203 Series - Rose gold and walnut 203 Series - Brushed steel and blue leatherEither of these will do…if anyone feels up to continuing the gifting legacy of these watches.

Okay. Stay fancy.

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