Of course you’re Grandfather never wore bow tie’s or ties like this. Neither did Jordan and Blake’s Grandfather, he did inspire them though, with this little bit of dapper dexterity “dress like the man you aspire to be” How rad is thatSo they did one better, they created a range of mens accessories called Heywood1922, Heywood is the middle name given to all the boys in the family and of course there Grandad was born in 1922.

The stuff as you can see has that retro feel, but its perfectly styled for the modern man. I found them on Instagram and just loved the stuff, so I ordered these pieces. When it arrived I was super thrilled, the detail is amazing, I love those little badges that they put on everything and the hand stamped packaging. If you love it as much as me you can get it here.

Okay. Stay fancy.

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