92912Mar4754WebThe second in our series of sartorial sundays.

And dare I say it’s pretty damn awesome. Wouldn’t you stop this man on a Paris street and take his picture?

I love how well considered everything on this outfit is. If you take away the very high fashion elements like the cropped pants and jacket there is a lot of value in this style. His patterned shirt and tie are tonally perfect even with different patterns. The dots on his socks match his pants completely almost helping to lengthen them. And the ox blood tassled loafers…are you kidding me!? Where do I get em?

I almost feel like you could pluck this man right out of paris and stick him in Soweto to join the smarties….but, atht’s a whole other sartorial sundays.

Thanks once again to the Sartorialist for the great pic.

Okay. Stay fancy.



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