Win this Heywood 1922 bow tie and pocket square set


I’m a big fan of Heywood. I have been for a while now, I just love the whole story behind the brand.

So the guys at Heywood have been kind enough to ship me a limited edition woollen bow tie and hanky set, It’s 1 of only 30 units and will only be launched in their next collection. Fancy hey!?

So now I’m giving it away. Yep! I’m good that way.

The entry mechanism is easy. Go find the pics on WMBW Facebook page, then, share the album. That’s it. Your share is your entry.

What’s the lapel pin all about you may wonder. Well, that’s one of my handmade WMBW camo skull lapel pin and if we get more then 100 shares, I’ll throw that in with the prize.

Now, I’m sure you wanna thank the guys at Heywood for the awesome prize, so why not give ’em a thumbs up here on their facebook page.

Here are some detailed pics of the prizes up for grabs.

Ok. The recap.

To enter, simply share the photo album on the WMBW facebook page.

The competition closes on the 9th of March 2013.

The winner will be announced on the 10th of March 2013.

The competition is open to anyone anywhere in the world and shipping is included in the prize.

Now. Good luck.

Stay fancy.

  1. I know i’ve already won before, but I’m going to share this anyway because you guys deserve the positive attention. Great stuff πŸ™‚

  2. Natasha said:

    Your lapel pin is great! I love it.

    Rock on, senor.


  3. Awesome product! I shared!! I hope y’all get a lot of positive reaction!!

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