01db7b5a7f6c11e29bac22000a9f13d0_7And the Oscar goes to…Nick!

I couldn’t help myself! The Oscars is one of ‘those’ events, you know, like an honorary Super Fancy Friday, so when I saw Mr Wooster standing on the red carpet (I follow him on Instagram), I knew it had to be this weeks Wooster Wednesday.

Did he disappoint? Maybe a little. Maybe he went too classic. We’re used to seeing Wooster in short pants, yellow shoes and mixed patterns.

But maybe that’s the lesson to be learnt this week. Maybe there is a time for standing out, and a time for fitting in and at the risk of sounding all etherial, maybe sometimes we stand out, by just fitting in.



Either way I thought I’de share the rest of the pics from Nicks Oscar night. It’s quite fun to see that he’s just like you and me. He goes and have his hair cut before the big night, snaps a pic of his label and takes a selfie with his buddy!

Like a normal person!

Okay. Stay fancy.


2 thoughts on “Wooster Wednesdays #19

  1. im sure many people will take many schools of thought on this post… i don’t think he disappointed at all, this is a RED carpet event, i think he honored the event and its status and history by going tux and tie. He did throw some Woosterisims in there with the seriously high cut pant legs and the vintage style wayfarers… in my opinion this shows enough personal style while still being classy. buuuut thats just my opinion

    -jonny of the A-

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