So, next week I leave for a 3 week trip to Turkey and Greece.

I’m pretty excited.

But It’s a tricky one to plan for, there is a lot of hopping on and off boats and planes which means you need to travel light. This is why I want one of these guys. It seems like the perfect little backpack to store all the essentials you need on you while lugging suitcases around. It’s not only a great travel essential, but just a rad weekend thing for riding around on the bike with, makes it easier than carrying everything in my pockets and strapping stuff to the bike!

It also looks like it will look better the more you use it and the dirtier it gets, like the whole bag will tell a story eventually!

Sure It’s a little boy scoutish, which makes it pretty hipster…buuuut, so am I.

I also love these guys below.

From left to right priced from cheap to ‘who even spends that on a backpack’

Get the ASOS one here

Get the Ted Baker one here

Get the Sandqvist Lar Goran one here

Okay. Stay fancy.

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