So, this must be the best dressed bunch of gents I have ever seen.

This little get together was brought to my attention on twitter by @N1C and I was blown away! Take a look at this.

Sure, its obviously a plug for Oliver Sweeney shoes, but so what! It’s better than any ad I’ve ever seen. Check out the image set courtesy of Garcon Jon ( Also a new find for me) an amazing street fashion blog where I think I’ll be stealing a lot of Sartorial Sunday inspiration.

I’m not gonna break down each and every outfit and tell you why they’re genius. I think the gents do a good job of explaining that in the video, and really, the dapperness speaks for itself.

There is however 1 outfit that stands out for me in particular, and only because I desperately want to get my hands on a nice 3 piece tartan suit, It just looks so incredible!

So Ive mixed it up a little according to what I could find online, so the tie and pocket square are more in line with what I would pair the outfit with. Either way here goes.

Get similar 3 piece suit by Ted Baker

Get Suit jacket here

Get Waistcoat here

Get trousers here

Get similar blue shirt here

Get burgundy tie here

Get burgundy polka dot pocket square here

Get similar socks here

Get Oliver Sweeney shoes here

Okay. Stay fancy.


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