Welcome to the essentials.

A new section on WMBW where I share the items I think every man needs in his wardrobe. Or, around his wardrobe at the very least. Consider it the WMBW’s guide to being equipped for anything dapper.

Our first item is the messenger bag, an item that dates back to ancient times and has been used in one form or another by everyone from the army (obviously) to the pony express. What was originally designed as an actual messenger bag, for anyone delivering, well, a message has of course found its way into urban fashion as an everyday staple.

I picked this one up on a recent trip to NY as a way to carry around all my day to day stuff without having bulging pockets as well as freeing up my hands from carrying around shopping bags filled with trinkets and reeses pieces ( I freaking love those things). It was a fair price and I loved the canvas leather mix that gave it a slightly retro feel, I also loved all the pockets and zippers. When I got back home it was the perfect size to stand in for my then broken briefcase, and even though my leather satchel has been fixed for months I just love the feel of this guy.

As with all thing leather, the ageing process is what gives the bag character and I loved how the guys at Hayden Harnett dotted leather all over this guy and filled it with pockets. Pockets are my essential when it comes to any kind of bag. I like to compartmentalise the storgae of my stuff…what? What? I’m weird that way.

If you don’t yet have one of these guys and feel it might be about that time, I’ve put together a few more options below ranging (left to right) from good value to “are you kidding me“, if however you love this guy, and I know I do, you can get it here.

Get the J Crew Abingdon Waxed Cotton-Canvas and Leather Messenger here

Get the Polo Ralph Lauren Core Canvas Messenger Bag here

Get the Mulberry Ted Convertible Messenger Bag here

Okay. Stay fancy.

PS: I realise I’m a little bag obsessed at the moment, it should stop soon.


4 thoughts on “Essentials No1 – The Messenger Bag

  1. “Bag Obsessed” … don’t sweat it, and it probably will not end any time soon. Great inspiration as always

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