I’m a big Beatles fan. Even bigger since I acquired a record player on a recent trip to NY and then proceeded to build a massive collection of vinyls, the stars of that collection of course being my Beatles albums.

So you’ll understand why when I saw these special edition Turnbull and Asser pocket squares I nearly lost my mind. Wow!

8410754_fpx.tif HAADBEATL12 Abbey Road HAADBEATL11 Yellow Submarine HAADBEATL08 Sgt Pepper HAADBEATL07 RevolverSo what we have here are 4 of the 13 Beatles album covers, printed on pure woven silk and finished with hand rolled edges to make these incredible pocket squares all presented in a corresponding album cover. It’s all in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Beatles first album ‘Please, please me’, released in 1963.

Now, make no mistake, they’re not cheap. But with a true limited edition of only 50 each, I kinda think they’re worth it. They are exclusively available at Bloomingdales as part of their “We Love The UK” campaign where they very cleverly claim to be “putting on the brits” with a whole bunch of exclusive british inspired garb.

If you can afford one of these pocket I highly recommend you get one, if you can afford two, I highly recommend you get one for me! Any of the above will do.

Okay. Stay fancy.

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