Full-LengthAs much as I enjoyed wearing shorts and T shirts the past 3 weeks I really wanted to get back into my suit and tie (so to speak) and feel a little more like me. Of course I did some shopping while I was away so it was time to bust out some new threads.

Now, I already own a gingham blazer, not quite like this one, but…close. They’re quite tricky to wear because of the large surface area of pattern, but I’ve picked up a little trick to get around it. Basically you gotta keep everything under it a solid colour and preferably something to pick up on the colour of the blazer, in this case the tie. After that you can even throw more patterns into the mix (like I decided to do) it helps distract from the 1 bold pattern and evens things out a bit.

Medium-lengthI was super happy with the way this outfit came together. Here are some close up details.

Pocket-square close-upwatchshoesLooking to re create something similar? I’ve tried to put together something together below all available online right now. Happy shopping. #TreatYoSelf

Gingham Blazer from Zara – Get similar here

White dress shirt from Woolworths – Get similar here

Red V neck sweater from Gap – Get similar here

‘Royal’ tie by LVJ Haberdasher available here

Wallace’s Hank floral pocket square by Heywood 1922 Available here

150 series grey watch by Uniform Wares available here

Checked wool pants by Markham – Get similar here

Argyle socks by Pringle – Get similar here

Blue leather brogues by Ted Baker – Get similar here

Oh, one last thing (because I promised these 2 chaps) as we stepped out today to do our little fancy friday street style shoot, two fans (really) came running up to us wanting to be part of the shoot. Much to our surprise they knew exactly who we were and actually followed the blog to a point where one of them told me he thought my brown brogues would of looked better with this outfit! Ha!…Maybe he was right? Here they are!

Fan-PhotoSo if you see us in the street, come say hi!

Okay. Stay fancy.



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