I found Heywood 1922 on Instagram a couple of months and was blown away by the retro modern bow ties and pocket squares they offered, in fact 1 of my first ever posts entitled “Not your grandfathers bow tie” told the entire Heywood story.

A couple of weeks ago the chaps over at Heywood sent me over a couple of pieces from their latest collection. It’s so incredible I just had to share some of my favourite combinations with you guys.

One things for sure, they’ve nailed every current trend bang on. Everything from polka dot and floral to urban camo while still keeping some heritage prints and fabrics in the mix.

There was one thing in particular that I loved about the stuff and that was the mix and matchability of it all, the bow ties are all double sided which gives you 2 bow tie for every one you buy and the pocket squares or “hanks” as Heywood calls them seem to have been carefully selected to work across different pieces of the range.

It’s all very clever.

Set-1 Set-1-detailsSet-2 Set-2---detailsSet-4 Set-4-detailsSet-3 Set-3---Details Set-5 Set-5---Details socks socks---detailsNone of it is terribly formal, but I kinda thing thats the point.

The fabrics are all very textured with a lot of denim being used so it becomes kinda casual, the kinda stuff you can wear to keep you dapper without feeling out of place on an idle tuesday afternoon. Heywood 1922 has introduced some new pieces to the overall collection like gloves, socks and scarves as well as introducing adjustable bow ties rather than 1 size fits all approach.

It’s not often I give brands high fives, but these guys definitely deserve the love! I’m excited to see where these guys go, I have a feeling we should expect big things, in the meantime, you can get all the incredible Heywood goodies here.

Okay. Stay fancy.




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