Sure, it’s Tuesday night, but you should know by now that Sartorial Sundays and Wooster Wednesdays are just guidelines…very loose guidelines!

I do however have an AMAZING look I want to share.

I feel myself going a little more casual this coming summer, you know maybe drop the tie for a tee every now and then, so this kinda look really speaks to me.

ParisStreetStyleGarconJonIMG_5028a.jpg~originalOnce again, an amazing capture by my new favourite street fashion photographer Garcon JonS.

Whats not to love about this outfit? Ok, maybe the bag, or the height of his trousers, if we were being pedantic, but were not, were being adorning, so lets stay positive.

It’s the fundamentals of this outfit that matter, the navy and mustard work perfectly together, no surprise there, they are complimentary colours and we know that’s a sure thing, but its very rare that we see them being put together, I know I never have. But I also don’t own a pair of mustard pants.

Must get mustard pants.

The other thing that really caught my eye were those Doc Martens, i’ve been seeing them pop up more than once on some style blogs, i’de like to think they’re coming into fashion again, but they’re so timeless they never really go out of fashion.

So lets see how best we can create this look online.

So, ive had to changed up a few items like the belt and bag that I didnt think were working, so here is a similar look.

Get similar navy pinstriped blazer here

Get similar navy T shirt here

Get navy belt with anchor buckle here

Get mustard chinos here

Get 8 hole burgundy Doc Marten here

Get (Much better suited) green shopper here

Okay. Stay fancy

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