Can we just get a moment of silence for the amazing simplistic beauty of these sunglasses.


Ive always wanted a pair of Oliver Peoples glasses, for no other reason than they feel less mainstream. Yeah, thats it pretty much, well, that and they just feel so damn nice in your hands…and even better on your face.

I love these specific ones because they feel timeless. They have a wayfarer type shape, which will pretty much never be out of fashion – If you don’t own a pair of wayfarers as part of your sunglass collection go get a pair now. I also love the name of these guys, Nom De Guerr – your war name, your pseudonym, like, who you could be when you put these glasses on. Awesome!

On a different note the lovely folks at MasterCard and BorderFree have been kind enough to sponsor our Want Of the Week for the next few weeks as part of there Cross-Border Promotion. Why? Well, because now we (South Africans) finally have a chance to experience online shopping at fancy global retailers without having to worry about ridiculous shipping costs and surprise import duties. So the usually unreachable Want Of The Week is now just a little more within our grasp.

This promotion only runs till 31 December 2013 and only with selected stores…but luckily they’re the fancy stores we here so much about like Bloomingdales, Nieman Marcus, J crew and a whole bunch more, that pretty much stock everything – you can get the full participating store list here. You get to shop in Rands and BorderFree works out stuff like landing costs and customs clearance.

That’s pretty much it, shop for all the fanciness you want, take advantage of all the sales and promotions then just enter promo code MCSHOP when you check out with any MasterCard to take advantage of the promotion. Simple.

Okay. Stay Fancy.

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