Full-Length Two Sartorial Sundays in a row? I know. This one is slightly different, this is an attempt in showing a more casual side to WMBW, so the other day when we headed off to the loading bay for lunch, we decided to shoot a weekend look.

I really do love wearing my ties, but when the weekend rolls around not much beats a comfy Tee, and this is probably the comfiest I own, it’s about 6 years old and I picked it up on my first ever trip to NYC. And nothing goes better with a tee than a pair of soft jeans its the ultimate classic combination, always fail safe. So being casual is one thing, but you gotta stay true to your style, and lets face it, I’m all about being dapper, so I like to throw in some sartorial details where I can.

You also gotta invest in some blazers that are more on the casual side, something in a linen or washed cotton, it makes the blazer, jeans, t-shirt combo work that much better.

So here’s to a more casual approach to the summer.

Full-length---seated sitting-down lapel-flower-close-upshoesSee something you like?

Well here is my attempt at recreating this outfit online:

Blue linen blazer from Zara get similar blazer here

Foldable Wayfarer sunglasses by Ray Ban

White ‘I heart NY’ tee from street vendor available here

Yellow lapel flower from River Island…but no longer available try a red one maybe?

Blue authentic skinny 1969 jeans from Gap

Tan leather brogues from Zara get similar here

Okay. Stay fancy.

4 thoughts on “Sartorial Sunday in jeans and a tee

    1. The nicest Ive seen are from Paul Smith, Amazing womens brogues, I’m pretty sure that Ted Baker would do a good ladies brogue too as there designs are very close to Paul Smith.

      Hope that helps!


  1. Nice look Sergio. You have got to do a post on how to tie shoe laces that neat. I always have mine unraveling a couple of times during the day when I tie them the usual way.

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