Tie subscriptions? Yeah, totally! It’s kind of like a wine of the month club, except you get drunk on compliments from looking so awesome.

A couple of weeks ago, the gents at Friday Tie Day asked me if I’de like to give away some tie subscriptions, and although I’m all about the giving, I’m also all about giving away stuff you guys would actually want! SO I asked them to send me some of their previous ties so I could check them out, you know a little quality control.

Then this arrived.polka-dot-tiegrey-tietie-and-packagehoundstooth-tiebrown-tieI cant say I wasn’t instantly impressed. Every tie is different, because every month has a new theme, so the tie may be wool, silk or even hemp. I also loved the width, I’ve kind of outgrown the skinny tie, but I do still like a narrow width, these nailed it!

My favourite thing was the texture (I’m a sucker for a textured tie), check out some close ups.

So, how will the give away work?

Well, over the next 4 weeks Friday will become Fancy Friday Tie Day, and we’ll be giving away 50 one month subscriptions every week delivered to your door anywhere in the world and valued valued at $39 each.

Every Friday I will be releasing a new promo code and the first 50 people to enter it get the subscription, That’s it, its that easy.

I am gonna make it a little more interesting though and stagger where I release the promo code, from my smallest audience to my largest so that everyone gets a chance to grab a tie subscription.

I will be doing a sneak release on my twitter account on Thursday evenings, followed by a morning release of the promo code on my Facebook page and then finally, here on the blog and on Instagram when I post that weeks Fancy Friday look.

When you get the code you go straight to Friday Tie Day and then.

1.) Login/ register with Facebook account or email address.
2.) After logging in, choose “Buy” and select which tie you would like to receive.
3.) Choose “One Month” and then “I have a discount” (or if you want to buy a longer subscription you can, the discount code subtracts $39 USD from any purchase)
4.) Enter shipping info and credit card info.
5.) Click “Get It”.
Your tie should be at you within a week, if you only wants the one free tie, make sure to login to your account and pause or cancel the subscription (your dashboard will display any active subscriptions), after receiving their first tie, but please don’t try and be the guy who racks up promo codes and uses them over the 4 weeks to get multiple subscriptions. Friday Tie Day will only be shipping 1 tie per person, regardless of how many codes you use, you will however be using up that code and someone will end up missing out.

That’s it folks, good luck and keep an eye out for those tweets and post.

Okay. Stay Fancy.

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